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Glutamine 100% natural

For athletes the integrity of the intestinal lining is essential to maintain performance. Glutamine is strongly absorbed during intense efforts, it is important to regularly provide it to the body so that it can replenish its stocks.



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In addition to its function on the immune system, glutamine is involved in protein synthesis and production of energy.

Reconstructive properties

During strenuous exercise our muscle cells consume large amounts of glutamine. Besides the loss in muscle tissue, there is often an incomplete regeneration of muscles.
When the body lacks glutamine, it will tap into muscle reserves, causing tissue damage. When the body has a sufficient amount of glutamine, muscle mass can be replenished.
With its reconstructive properties, glutamine is an ideal food supplement during stress (physical or mental) and in case of intensive physical effort.

Growth properties

The role of glutamine goes far beyond mere reconstruction. It is essential for cell growth and is the most important fuel for the immune system. It stimulates glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscles. In addition, it reduces muscle acidification after exercise.
Glutamine also helps to balance the nitrogen level. It is not an essential amino acid since the body is able to produce it. However, glutamine supplementation can effectively reduce the risk of muscle tears.


  • Balance of intestinal mucosa functions
  • Participates in protein synthesis
  • Participates in energy production
  • Feeds enterocytes (cells lining) for maintaining the barrier which ensures nutrients assimilation
  • Mucosal maintenance for a good protection of the external environment

Suggested use

Take 2 to 4 capsules daily with a large glass of water before or during meals.

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