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Purifies, repairs and protects the digestive tract

The intestine plays a vital role in our health. Essential but fragile, it’s important to protect it from numerous attacks that alter its operation. Intestine ensures proper assimilation of nutrients involved in immune functions, it’s the protective barrier between the outside and the inside of the body.



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Intensive sport

Sport is good for health, but intense physical activities can have many adverse consequences. Among them, figure the "reperfusion syndrome". During intense exercise, blood is primarily directed to the muscles and organs that need it most. Other tissues are undernourished by the decrease in blood supply. This is particularly the case for the intestine as all digestive functions are put in "stand-by" during intense exercise. When this effort ends, the oxidized blood quickly returns to the digestive system, causing intestinal mucosa suffering. This "reperfusion syndrome" is a major cause of “leaky gut” in athletes. This is one reason why there are many food intolerances among top athletes. The alteration of intestinal mucosa integrity no longer allows the intestine to fulfill its role as a selective barrier.

Curcumin extracted from curcuma
  • Oxidative stress: antioxidant, protects cells from chemicals.
  • Stomach: protects gastrointestinal disorders such as inflammations and ulcers.
  • Intestine: improves production and quality of mucus promoting good transit.
  • Anti-inflammatory action at the intestinal mucosa.


With its nutrients L-glutamine plays a key role on the intestine lining quality. Essential for protein synthesis, it also promotes recovery after heavy exertion and reduces recovery time in case of injury. Involved in many metabolic processes, it’s mainly concentrated in muscles and it’s very used during stress related with intense effort.


Antiseptic with antioxidant functions, it facilitates digestive ecosystem balance. By eliminating pathogenic flora, it also has an effect on the intestinal flora balance. Its anti-inflammatory properties are complementary to those of curcumin.

  • Protects the intestinal mucosa to prevent from leaky gut syndrome
  • Reduces inflammation and infections
  • Maintain of good intestinal flora balance
  • Transit regulation
  • Cleanse the digestive tract

Suggested use

Take 2 capsules daily with a large glass of water 10 minutes before evening meal.

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