Laurent Jalabert for PhytoQuant Sport

After an exceptional career of 13 years in professional cycling (1989 to 2002) and following his position as coach of the National French team (2009 to 2013), Laurent Jalabert leads his consulting activities on France Television’s, RTL and his passion for sport. Indeed Laurent remains an athlete who constantly feeds on new challenges. Reconverted in triathlon for over ten years, he continues to train hard to achieve his next challenge, the Iron Man of Hawaii in 2018 when he’ll turn 50.

For Laurent, PhytoQuant Sport food supplements were a real revelation.


« Laurent tells us how he discovered PhytoQuant Sport and how he was seduced by the way the active ingredients are extracted from herbs and plants. He explains all the advantages he gets in terms of his health, his well-being and the benefits on his physical condition.»