Fabien Lefèvre

Multi-Olympic medalist in canoe-kayak, Fabien Lefèvre has stood out through his research for performances through healthy and 100% natural products.

Kévin Crovetto

Recently arrived as a PhytoQuant ambassador, Kevin Crovetto, Olympic gymnasium, has a track record and a determination unwavering.

Patrick Bohard

Patrick is a professional Ultra Trailer. His need of transcendence led him to PhytoQuant food supplements for their quality and effectiveness.

Jordan Bricheux

Jordan, trusting PhytoQuant, has imposed himself on mountains highest peaks. Only 23 years of age, he points to a future of more radiant competitor.

Alban Cornic

Alban, faithful to PhytoQuant supplements, rose from 22nd place to 10th place in 2015 during the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Championship 32 miles. (52 km)

Émilie Lecomte

Émilie Lecomte practice Trail at the highest level, she tells her success with PhytoQuant products that allowed her to achieve impressive new performances.

Baptiste Lemaître

Just as motivated on the field as in his student life, Baptiste Lemaître is a rising star of rugby. The Phytoquant food supplements are for him an important support in this demanding universe.

Antoine Vaschy

A rugby player and coach, Antoine experimented daily with the benefits of Phytoquant Sport dietary supplements, enabling him to recover quickly and effectively in the long term.

Jana Zyani

As a professional volleyball player and a coach, Jana trusts in Phytoquant Sport protocol and is now systematically advising it to the Beach Volley teams she coaches.

Tom Bonnefond

Demanding, extreme sport allows no mistake at the risk of never achieving performance essential to success. As a skier, Tom owes its success in part thanks to quality food supplements.

Renaud Pioline

Renaud Pioline is a professional cyclist strongly attached to the values promoted by Phytoquant Sport products: ethics, respect for the human body and 100% natural composition.

Patrick Wiaux

Founder of the Phytoquant Sport concept in three phases, Patrick Wiaux is a former champion of bodybuilding. Sport nutritionist and professional coach, discover here its course.