Intestine the "second brain"...!

The intestine is mainly a filter, a barrier between the outside and inside of the body. It allows the passage of nutrients to our cells. This very fragile barrier has a thickness of few microns and a very short lifetime (6 days). Our health, energy, immune system recovery and performance are directly related to the functioning of our intestine.

Although good for health, sport can have adverse effects on the intestine. Among them is the "leaky gut syndrome". During intense exertion, blood is primarily directed to the muscles, other organs are therefore "undernourished" causing ischemia (decreased of blood supply), resulting in hypoxia (lack of oxygen). When exertion stops, redistribution is observed to organs which have been put in “stand by” particularly to the intestinal mucosa. The latter perfused in excess becomes extremely porous. This "reperfusion syndrome" is an important cause of intestinal hyper permeability in athletes. Food intolerances and digestive disorders are often the consequences. Intestinal wall no longer plays its role as a barrier and lets pass the large toxic molecules causing certain diseases including chronic inflammation of joints.

Marathonians and many other athletes, practicing stamina, have been diagnosed with digestive disorders of diarrhea type, intense pain in the abdomen and bleeding which can lead to a stoppage of effort. Many athletes know these kinds of disappointments mainly during stamina.

PhytoQuant Sport proposes a specific micro-nutritional protocol (Phase 1: Setting Conditions) to avoid the "reperfusion syndrome" and the harmful consequences that result.

The intestine plays a central role for health

PhytoQuant gives priority to the gut health by improving the quality of its wall and its flora. Called by many scientists the "second brain", this organ plays a leading role on health, energy, immune system, performance and recovery. All these parameters are directly related to the functioning of our gut.

Roles and specificities of the intestine for health
  • It is the filter between the outside and inside of the body
  • It carries vital nutrients to our cells
  • It blocks large molecules that must first be digested
  • This is a very fragile barrier with a thickness of a few microns
  • Its cells have a very short shelf life (6 days)
  • These are rapid turnover cells that require specific nutrients for their metabolism