An innovative 100% natural concept

3 specific phases to reach your fitness goals

This innovative concept supports all factors that promote performance improvement and progress for all athletes who wish to take care of their health through dietary supplements 100% natural.

PhytoQuant Sport

3 specific phases that act successively
for total management of the body
which gradually reaches its maximum potential
through synergy of various nutrients

The concept in 3 phases

Setting conditions: Optimizing Health and intestinal functions.

  • Improved flora balance
  • Protection of the mucous membranes
  • Regeneration of the gut wall
  • Function Optimization
  • Improved nutrient absorption

Evolution: Improved circulatory functions, joint mobility and heart functions.

  • Circulatory and cardiovascular strengthening
  • Strengthening of tendons and ligaments
  • Joint Regeneration
  • Heart muscle nutrition

Performance: Increased physical abilities.

  • Physical Dynamism
  • Neuromuscular strengthening
  • Cells oxygenation
  • Micronutrients loading (vitamins / minerals)

100% Doping Free

Food supplements for athletes by Phytoquant are quality high and have manufacturing standards (HACCP - Food hygiene and safety, self-monitoring, analysis and risk management), ensuring optimal safety for athletes that use them.

They respect:

  • The recommendations of the main international committees of sport nutrition.
  • The laws determined by the Anti-Doping World Agency.
  • European legislation on ingredients and labeling.
  • The expectations of athletes in terms of nutritional needs.

Our natural production site in Italy benefits has a specific environment that potentiates the active ingredients of our plants. They do not undergo any chemical treatment to preserve all intrinsic properties of raw materials intact. Strict controls at the highest quality standards are regularly carried out on production site.