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    Natural stimulant of male functionsBy stimulating the natural production of testosterone and promoting the production of NO (nitric oxide), the body is more efficient. Strength, vitality and recovery phases are improved.EnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrer Natural stimulant of male functions...

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    Intestine health for optimal fitness Our gut flora has multiple functions well known by scientists. It ensures proper assimilation of nutrients involved in the immune system. It is the protective barrier between the outside environment and the inside of our body.EnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrer Intestine health for optimal fitness...

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    Combination of vitamins, minerals and 100% natural plants Vitamins and minerals are substances present in small amounts in food. They are called "essential" because the body cannot manufacture them. They must therefore be provided through food or dietary supplements.EnregistrerEnregistrer Combination of vitamins, minerals and...

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    Flexibility and maintenance of jointsPremature wear of intra-articular tissues can cause pain and loss of mobility. Physical activity in endurance as well as strength sport may increase the process of cartilage wear.EnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrerEnregistrer Flexibility and maintenance of...

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