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Duo Make Up

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1 Cleansing Milk + 1 Toning Lotion

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52,50 €

Removing make-up and cleaning your skin:an essential gesture !

The Duo Make-up Solavie includes 2 products:the Cleansing milk and the Toning Lotion.
This Duo with its unique combination of colostrum and plant extracts is suitable for type of skin:oily, dry, combination, blemish-prone, stressed and damaged.

100% natural, Solavie products draw on natural plant properties to offer skin real rejuvenation.

Our formulas do not contain additional preservatives, hydrocarbons or synthetic fragrances.

The power results of this ritual can be seen from the first day of treatment:

   - Relief:an immediate feeling of well-being and freshness.

   - Radiance effect:the skin's luminosity after few days.

   - "Youth" effect:hydration, a more intense toning action, which can be seen in after just a few weeks.

Result:The face, eyes and the lips are perfectly removed make-up. The skin is fresh, supple and toned up.

With this batch of products, get a 10% discount rate on the unit price.

Don't forget to look at Solavie Facial Application Technique.
A gentle work-out that both stimulates and soothes, tones and relaxes your face, activating microcirculation as well as drainage.


The 2 essential products:

Cleansing Milk for effective cleansing (200mL)

Removes traces of make-up and pollution. It leaves the skin soft, clean and soothed. As hydrating as a cream, as soothing as a mask, this step in your skincare ritual prepares your skin for the next treatment application.

Toning Lotion: much more than simply rinsing the skin (200mL)

It perfects the cleansing ritual. Regenerating, it stimulates and refreshes the skin.


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Duo Make Up

Duo Make Up

1 Cleansing Milk + 1 Toning Lotion