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Solavie's 5 main features

100% natural active skincare without preservatives

100% natural skincare with no preservatives

Everything starts with the harvest of plants cultivated using wild farming techniques and for certain plants, biodynamic agriculture, which is free of any pesticide treatment. These plants are rigorously selected and dried naturally, offering exceptional quality. In order to guarantee the efficacy of the whole plant, including active ingredients and cofactors, we use unique manufacturing methods which enable us to obtain an unrivalled concentration of active ingredients.

Solavie colostrum

Colostrum, our innovation

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the substance produced by mammals during the first few days after giving birth and which enables the provision of nourishing elements (mineral salts, vitamins, lactose and proteins), lactoferrin and lysozyme (known for their antimicrobial potential) and epidermal growth factors (EGF), which is known for its trophic and lymphocytic action. The colostrum used is fresh; it comes from Friesian cows, whose milk is used to make Parmesan. Why this precision? By tradition and in the Parmigiano-Reggiano region of Italy, there is a whole culture around Parmesan; all producers know that the milk from a cow that is used in the manufacture of Parmesan cannot undergo any antibacterial treatment, otherwise the wheel of cheese explodes. As a result, great care is taken in rearing this livestock: their fodder is carefully selected (herbs such as garlic, which would affect the flavour of the cheese, is removed) and the cows are cared for by using homeopathic techniques. The colostrum is obtained taking great care and under rigorous hygiene conditions.

Our experience with colostrum

Our experience of this high grade colostrum, which is used alone or in synergy with plant extracts, confirms its exceptional tolerance in our dietary supplements over the years (Quantadigest, Quantalostrum) intended for relieving digestive symptoms such as gastro-oesophogeal reflux, irritable bowel, bloating, colitis and flatulence. For several years, we have also developed the indication of colostrum in dermatology thanks to our Quantaderm topical treatment. We have studied colostrum at the University of Milan for its application in healing and tissue repair for: ulcerative diabetes, ulcerative varicose veins, acne, sun rash and post-radiotherapy. Thanks to incredible results, we developed the indication for colostrum in dermatology with our Quantaderm topical treatment, in which colostrum is combined with aloe vera and centella, which have widely recognised regenerating properties.

Solavie: our complete skincare range with colostrum

This wonderful colostrum is the main active ingredient used in our Solavie range. Its concentration in the Nourishing Cream for women is 18%. It provides its gentle repairing properties on the skin's surface, stimulating cellular renewal and its exceptional density in nourishing elements. While gentle and hydrating on healthy skin, it also has powerful healing properties on damaged skin. Colostrum is complemented by plant extracts, which act in combination: aloe vera, argan oil, cucumber, alfalfa, jojoba, macadamia nut oil, citrus fruit extracts, ginger, lavender, coconut oil and vitamin E.

A concentration in active ingredients that enables us to obtain products without using preservatives

A revolutionary extraction process, products without preservatives

In order to obtain our extracts known as phytocomplexes, we use ultrasonic extraction. This innovation enables use to obtain all of the active ingredients contained in the plants and to preserve all of the phytocomplex extract in liquid form. The solvent used is vitalised water: this is pure water which has been subjected to a specific magnetic field according to the Johann Grander method. This revitalisation enables qualities that are comparable to mountain streams to be procured, giving our plant extracts an aromatic scent, quality and lasting stability.

Vitalised water and the use of the ultrasonic technique enables the extraction of all of the active ingredients contained in the plant (whether they are hydrosoluble, liposoluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements or vitamins) without using heat or organic solvents. The phytocomplex then pass through a vacuum concentrator at low temperatures (35°C). For 4 kg of plant we are able to obtain 1 kg of phytocomplex. Thanks to this patented manufacturing process, no additional preservatives (such as parabens, methylisothiazolinone) are added to our products.

Intracellular plant water

Enhanced efficacy with intracellular plant water

Another unique feature of Solavie products is the plant dehydration method employed. The fresh plant is placed on pierced plates and passed through a circuit of air at 28°C (at this low temperature, this is really really referred to as dehumidification), thus releasing its organic water. This is how the cucumber, alfalfa, lavender and ginger water is reintegrated into our cosmetic formulas, under the term AQUA. This innovative method enables us to use the full potential of each plant, without disturbing its active molecules and thus creating more powerful products.

Fragrance: plant absolutes


We use this revolutionary extraction technique which enables us to obtain the absolute (or base) from aromatic plants through a non-toxic solvent. These absolutes are so pure that they can also be used in food, pharmaceuticals, liquor distilling and perfumery. It involves extraction with freon, an inert gas. This non-toxic solvent is used in liquid form. It passes through the plant to extract the absolute and then takes on a gaseous form again.

The absolute is very high grade because it is more complete in terms of volatile compounds, fragrances and active ingredients than essential oils. Unlike essential oils, the low temperatures enable us to keep the thermosensitive molecules intact. For 60 kg of plant we are able to obtain 100 to 800 ml of plant absolute. In our INCI formulas, the absolute name is PARFUM. Our rose absolutes for women and verbena for men contain all the light and volatile compounds with delicate organoleptic properties and are extremely rich in functional active ingredients, which are capable of having an effect on a person's psychological well-being.